OG Kush

OG Kush

og kush strain

You may have heard of OG Kush before, as its name is prevalent even away from the marijuana world. This strain has a THC content between 20% and 25%, spicy herbal taste and potent buzz makes it popular and in high demand in many places, and often even one of the higher-priced strain options.

  • Strength 19-26%
  • Stone Heavy buzz
  • Speed 8 – 9 weeks
  • Height 90cm-160cm
  • Yield 17 ounces/m2
  • Harvest October

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Nevertheless, where OG Kush came from still continues to be a mystery given its fame. Most people claim that it resulted from the crossbreeding of the staple Chemdawg x the robust Hindu Kush. It is also likely that this strain originated as a distinctive phenotype of another existing strain from undocumented bag seeds.


OG Kush produces a mood-elevating, intense euphoria that makes it great for people who want to wash away their stress. The 75% Indica-dominant and 25% Sativa hybrid combination provides a balance between physical and mental experience. It’s an excellent high for the overactive mind and body.

OG Kush’s high is more elevated mentally than physically, beginning with an intense headrush, resulting in more focus on their environment; not to mention, noises and colors that seem heightened. The change of sensations will soon lead to an overall euphoric uplifting mood. The rise in concentration is not as cerebral as it is with purer sativas – no smokers will have a disorienting sensation of accelerated thought or “mind race.” It’s a flexible smoke that suits both the mood and mindset of the consumer. Both mental relaxation and mood enhancement makes this an incredible social strain that is suited for lively occasions, such as parties and stimulating discussions. This is also a fantastic way to boost physical and mental activities such as playing computer games, working out, or even sex.

The medical application of OG Kush helps its users to reduce depression and anxiety temporarily. This strain can also help those who have attention deficit disorders. Patients have reported that the OG Kush strain helps in alleviating headaches and migraines as well. Unlike other Sativa strains, this weed can cause paranoia to those who use it in higher doses but can assist well in dealing with some appetite-related issues. Whether it’s a severe help with relaxation or headache relief, this Indica-dominant strain could be just what you needed.


OG Kush is one of the popular small weed plants. Thus, you should expect small and compact plants around 19-37 inches when growing this strain. In a short period of flowering, most farmers will earn an average yield. 

If you intend to grow indoors, ensure to have a regulated micro-climate.

This plant is not the easiest strain to grow. However, if cultivated properly, it can yield about 17 oz of usable cannabis per square meter. Growing outdoors, on the other hand, will get you a similar yield as well.


Cannabis growers can cultivate OG Kush seeds, both using an indoor or outdoor setup. However, growing outside demands regular temperatures of approximately 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why growing indoors is easier and much better for most growers, because OG Kush plants are usually short and bushy and grow from 2 to 3.5ft tall. Trimming large fan leaves on the top part of the plant is highly recommended to ensure light and air enter flowering nodes on the lower part of the branches.

OG Kush plants thrive indoors within nine weeks; growers can yield about 45g or 1.6 oz per square ft on average. This strain’s intensity indicates that those who aim to confine the odors in their growing areas must invest in devices as well— from exhaust fans to carbon air filters.


If you love the taste of fresh lemons, grilled coffee, and refreshing woody flavors, you’ll want to try this strain along with its spicy herbal consistency.


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