Northern Lights

Northern Lights

northern lights strain

Introduced in the ’80s, Northern Lights strain is a timeless and exquisite skunk hybrid regarded as one of the world’s most famous strains as the result of crossing two of its best phenotypes: Indica Afghani x Sativa Thai landrace strains.

  • Strength 15-18%
  • Stone Balanced
  • Speed 8-10 weeks
  • Height 100cm-180cm
  • Yield 400-500 g/m²
  • Harvest September

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Northern Lights seeds’ reputation speaks for itself, winning overall in the 1990 and 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup awards as well as the 1989 pure Indica awards. Its success resulted in the creation of lots of cannabis strains derived from its exceptional genetics as well. Most users will even argue that Northern Lights weed is the ancestor of the new marijuana strains available today. However, thanks to its continued demand, a classic appeal, and easy growth, Northern Lights is something that beginners and seasoned marijuana users should definitely try.


Northern Lights strain is a proud Indica-dominant hybrid with 5-10% Sativa side. She is excellent in giving a powerful sedating stone, perfect for smokers who want to escape reality for a while. It has quick and bold effects, thanks to its 15% to 20% THC component as well.

The Northern Light’s couch-lock will take effect swiftly after use, not to mention when smoked in higher quantities, which makes it a perfect joint in the evening as this strain will cause you to sleep comfortably; thus, use Northern Lights in moderation for you to savor this strain’s incredibly relaxing effects instead.

Moreover, this Indica dominant strain’s mental aspect of the high is gratifying and keeps your mental activity uplifting and vigorous. Aside from these aspects, there’s no denying that Northern Lights has proved itself legendary as a medical cannabis strain due to this mixture of diminishing mental effects and calming sensations. Many medical cannabis users love this strain as it helps them overcome depression and anxiety, manage insomnia, and treat other physical ailments such as chronic pain or even lack of appetite.


Northern Lights strain will provide abundant high-quality buds for anyone who tries to grow it. This plant is very forgiving as it is suitable for both amateur and expert cannabis growers. The plant typically yields between 450-500 g per m2 in general.


This plant is relatively easy to grow, naturally making it users’ favorite plant for both new and experienced growers. Although it is constant and stable, Northern Lights buds still need to be cultivated under the right conditions in order for it to flourish at its best.

This strain grows best indoors and is sure to cultivate quickly. Its flowering period lasts about 45 to 50 days. Growers interested in cultivating Northern Lights can either opt for hydroponic setup, soil method, or the Sea of Green (SoG) method, which is the setup where this plant grows well the most. Being highly resistant to pests and mold is this plant’s strength, making its growth a lot more manageable. In addition, providing them adequate light and space will deliver the best results, and your plants will reach a height of up to 110cm, making it a lot easier to cultivate indoors.

Though outdoor growth isn’t highly recommended, it can still be achieved. For growers who plan to cultivate Northern Lights outside, a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate is crucial. Without it, you can only expect a very little amount of yield. However, growers who can be subject to these conditions should expect their harvest by the last week of September.


Northern Lights weed offers a fun combination of tastes that suits its stone quality. Its pungent flavor makes the foundation for the taste, which is richer in fruit than a sweet candy taste. It also comes with hints of spice and pepper throughout. The tangy taste of the inhale contrasts with the earthy flavor of the exhale, making for a smooth and pleasant smoke.


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