Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk

lemon skunk strain

Lemon Skunk is exactly what its name sounds like — a highly citrus-tinged Skunk variety with a potent and soothing effect. This high-yielding strain has the usual Skunk lime green buds and rich orange pistils, producing frosty, thick, spear-shaped colas.

  • Strength High
  • Stone Body stone
  • Speed Autoflower
  • Height 50cm-60cm
  • Yield 400g/m22
  • Harvest 65-75 days

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First flourished under the guidance of DNA Genetics, this legendary cannabis strain originated from the legendary Skunk #1, where the mother plant originated in Las Vegas while the father plant stems from the Netherlands. This has developed an impressive, potent strain with THC levels that can often reach up to 22%, known for its complex characteristics when it comes to its high, aroma, and flavor. It can also relieve pain, deal with stress, and appetite loss as well. This strain is perfect for daytime and evening usage.

This legendary strain has proven its quality and value by bagging numerous awards. Lemon Skunk scored first-place during the 2007 HighLife Cup. She also won first-place during the 2008 Spannabis Cannabis Championships Cup and was named in High Times’ Top 10 Strains of the year in 2009. In addition, this outdoor strain is fairly easy to cultivate even for amateur growers, as it can yield exceedingly abundant crops, mainly in an outdoor setting with the right conditions. Lemon Skunk is also one of the strains that are suited to grow in colder climates.


A 60% Sativa dominant and 40% Indica hybrid with a THC range of 15-22%, Lemon Skunk marijuana strain is known to induce a carefree, ecstatic high, a kick of creativity and energetic buzz, a feeling of happiness, and euphoria. It prompts giggles, which can easily make you laugh at basically anything, and sociability, making it the perfect option when you feel like having some heartfelt discussion with your buddies or trying to get some creative perspective during artistic endeavors. This is an inspiring yet lazy experience but can cause paranoia and headaches.

Due to Lemon Skunk’s indica aspects, you will quickly experience cranial high, as this weed comes into effect instantly, making the user slightly sleepy as the cerebral effects wear off. While you won’t be couch-lock, this strain will gently numb your body and slowly make you feel airy and mentally stimulated thoroughly at the same time. Amateur smokers may fall asleep two or more hours after the beginning stimulation lose effect. In addition, dry mouth, dry and itchy eyes, anxiety, potential nausea, mild headache, and dizziness are among the minor adverse effects of its strength, particularly when you smoke Lemon Skunk strain in higher doses.

Lemon Skunk is also considered a substantial strain for various therapeutic uses as is does not induce a body-heavy high, but instead, makes patients feel energized. In addition, Lemon Skunk works well for daytime use, particularly pain relief and chronic migraines. Moreover, because of its mood-elevating properties, patients with anxiety, high levels of stress, and depression love this strain. It is also highly recommended for patients who are suffering from some eating disorders as well as an aid in treating nausea.


Lemon Skunk strain is a simple plant to cultivate since it is not that difficult to maintain since it can flourish even in a colder outdoor environment and prefers a setup containing medium to high nutrient amount. 

This plant grows amazingly both indoors and outside. However, this strain grows tall, reaching up to 200cm, which means you’ll need a vast grow space or a plot to let Lemon Skunk plants flourish very well. But don’t worry, this plant is quite manageable. When grown indoors, this plant can yield around 100g and 250 grams per sqm. This hybrid can also produce about 28 ounces of weed per plant when cultivated in an outdoor setting. 


Lemon Skunk is a tall and very branchy plant that responds quite well to training and SCROG, but most will yield pretty well without it. As mentioned above, this plant can grow both in indoor and outdoor environments. It can take around 8 to 9 weeks to flower and prepare itself for a generous harvest when grown indoors. On the other hand, this plant is usually ready for a hearty harvest for outdoor growth around early October.


Besides the fact that it’s quite delicious, Lemon Skunk seeds boast a strong and powerful lemon aroma that instantly fills your mouth with a creamy and sweet smoke. Lemon Skunk users will experience a unique blend of sour and tangy citrus notes such as lemongrass, cedarwood, lemon, orange, lime, and sandalwood surely boost your high. The scent is also amazing. When Lemon Skunk flowers are extracted from the stash jar, the smell of lime, lemon, berry, and vanilla will be released.


Lemon Skunk smells precise, as its name suggests. This weed is about its pungent and robust lemon presence, which most smokers are obsessed with. Lemon Skunk weeds have a particular zesty and skunky scent, combined with a sour and earthy aroma that is definitely a promising smoke for its users.


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