Where to Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds: What You Need to Know

This guide takes you through important points that you need to have at your fingertips. It acts as your reference when looking for cheap cannabis seeds.

According to research, there were close to 220 million people who used cannabis in the world by 2019. Many people have entered into weed growing to meet this demand. You may want to join the fray, but the cost of popular strains is prohibitive, read along. You will learn where to get weed seeds at a low price and how to go about it.

Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online

Most local seed banks have online markets. You can safely order through their websites. The idea of searching for cannabis seeds online sounds frightening. Here are several things that make it frightening:

• You are not sure whether the online sellers are trustworthy

• You cannot ascertain the quality of seeds

• Legal implications may weigh in

However, there are online cannabis seed banks that can deliver. They offer varieties of strains for you to make a choice. Most of them only source out seeds from breeders with a positive reputation.

By extension, your transaction with them gets an assurance. A good online seed bank should be ready to receive payment through various online payment methods. This is because they have established goodwill and made a name for themselves in the industry.

You can also tell a great online dealer by looking at how long they have been in operation. Any business that has been operational for more than five years should have exceptional customer service.

Sometimes you may experience challenges trying to locate breeders locally. The law in the US still prohibits cannabis in a big way. In this regard, you may not find easy information about weed.

There are some bold breeders locally who include the following:

• Exotic Genetix

• Southern Humboldt Seed Collective

What You Need to Leverage When Buying Seeds Online:

Discounts and Offers

To attract many potential buyers, most online dealers offer generous discounts. Make an effort to contact them, especially when you see any call-to-action on their websites. Offers may not last for long, but they are useful while they exist. Grab the chance.

Some online seed banks mostly offer discounts when you buy seeds in bulk. You may want to purchase yours in large quantities so that you can enjoy significant discount rates.

You are likely to find many discount marijuana seeds if you take your time and compare all the available offers. Exercise prudence whenever you encounter discount offers. Remember, some may be just a trap to get you inside the box of buying. You may want to consider the following issues beforehand:

• Every discount offer comes with its terms and conditions that must apply. Find out if you are comfortable with them.

• Not every customer qualifies for discounts. Check whether you meet the specifications.

Save Money on Shipping

It would be pointless to enter into an arrangement that adds you extra shipment costs. This is because many sellers are ready to waive shipping costs as a way of retaining their buyers. Do your due diligence and chose only the best.

Mostly, local seed banks will transport to you without any charges. International seed banks may charge you the shipment fee. In this case, the best deal will come with a generous shipping discount.

There could be conditions that you must meet before you can enjoy the discount though. Compare what the various international seed banks have to offer.

Some companies offer attractive packages that end up giving you free seeds. How are they free seeds? They may not be free seeds as such because you cannot get them if you do not pay. However, this promotion works by putting you at an advantage over someone who bout just one pack or unit for that matter.

For instance, a company may offer one free seed pack for every two that you buy. If you buy four packs, they add you two more. In this arrangement, you save money, yet you get seeds in large quantities.

For the price of four, you buy the same quantity as you would, if you bout a packet at a time, six times. The difference is that you spend less than you would otherwise have.


Factors to Consider Before Making an Online Order for Cannabis Seeds:

• Look for a company that is an established brand in the cannabis industry. Such a company is more likely to offer cheap cannabis seeds generously.

• Research on the company’s standards in terms of quality. Many customer reviews online can give you the much-needed information.

• Seek the word of mouth opinion from experienced buyers. Those who have had an opportunity of using the company’s products can guide you with honesty.

• Find out whether the company accepts returns in case of bad quality buys. A great company must be willing to change the product for your satisfaction. If it does not have an option of changing, then it should offer refunds without conditions.

Here are some of the renowned online sellers:

I Love Growing Marijuana : They offer a safe transaction mode

Shortstuff Seeds: Their most significant variables are the fast-maturing autoflowers

Canuk Seed: Best known for their unlimited varieties of seeds

Online sellers should be able to remove your fears. They do this mostly by shipping discreetly to your location. They do not leave you to deal with customs. All this information should be available to you on their site. The sellers can use any other relevant means like email to inform you about their cheap weed seeds.

Buy From Local Dispensaries

Consider purchasing cannabis seeds at any local dispensary if you come from states that legalize marijuana for adult use. Most dispensaries, however, deal with cannabis products. Only a few can sell you seeds.

Seeds from local dispensaries may be cheaper. However, this can only be true where the dealers have outsourced them within the region. In that case, there are no shipping costs to consider.

Nevertheless, the dispensaries can be very resourceful. They may not have seeds but have a wealth of information. You can ask them for a resource person to take you through all the options available.

They might even direct you to the places where you can get the best deals on pot seeds. It could help if you choose to call your nearest dispensary before visiting. That can save you time, just in case they do not have stock of seeds.

Shelve the Idea of Buying Exotic Seeds

Most expensive weed strains may not have any exceptional utility value over the less expensive ones. The high price is because of the popularity and the way their marketing goes.

If you consider their uses, all of them are largely similar. In terms of medicinal or recreational value, any regular weed will serve the purpose. You can fall into the trap of “euphoric buying” and spend large amounts unnecessarily.

You may purchase an Indica strain, which turns out to be a diluted variety. Some dealers may not provide your favorite in its 100 percent pure form.

It would be wise to purchase regular strains that would save you money. If you want to improve them with the specific qualities of a different strain in the future, you may try the cross-pollination method.

The Cheap Seeds Should Be of Good Quality

You should be able to check your seeds for quality. Never compromise the following quality indicators with less cost:

• Good marijuana seeds should be of dark color. They may have some stripes or spots though

• The seed should not crack at the slightest pressure from your finger. Weak shells are indicative of infertility or lifelessness in pot seeds.

• Another indicator of a healthy seed is a shiny coating.

• They should not have holes or signs of insect infestation.

Buy Seeds at Cannabis Expos

Expos are very important events that highlight everything about cannabis. All stakeholders in the cannabis industries, including users, breeders, and dealers, convene important roundtable events.

In the process, they display the plants, cheap cannabis seeds, and extractive products. Most of those products end up being for sale on special offers.

During such expos, you will buy good quality seeds. You may also get good prices since bidding can take place. Even where there is no bidding, sellers put their products on offer.

Examples of Cannabis Expos That you May Attend

There are a good number of cannabis conventions that you can attend in the USA. Some of these conventions involve professionals who organize them to discuss details about cannabis products. Others are open to everyone who has interests in the cannabis industry.

The latter is best for someone who wants to buy cheaper seeds on display. Some examples of Cannabis expos include “The Seed to Sale Show” organized by National Cannabis Industry Association in 2019.

Apart from looking out for expos, you can wait for the auspicious season. By design, there are times when seed banks give their customers offers just to celebrate them. Sometimes this happens due to good yields and unfettered customer loyalty.

In some states, customers enjoy scheduled discount days such as weekends or holidays. Weed farmers in Nevada get most of these discounts. This generosity is courtesy of seed banks based in the city of Las Vegas.

If you come from that region, you can take advantage of the offers. Even if you do not have such privileges in your area, you can research and reach out to companies in those places that have them.


Consider Generating DIY Cannabis Seeds

You can buy weed seeds once and grow them at home for sustainable supply. Doing this can help you save a lot of money, as opposed to constant buying. The money you take to coffee shops and dispensaries can help you with other uses. Observe the following:

• Buy seeds in bulk and bargain for the price but do not back down on quality.

• Buy the best seeds for cultivation.

• Get the best skills of growing weed

• Create enough space for breeding

• Once you have cannabis plants, you can repeatedly grow cuttings from them for subsequent cultivation.

Growing DIY cannabis reduces the cost and gives you satisfaction.

Making your own seeds gives you freedom. You learn how to grow whichever strain of cannabis seeds you want. Besides, it is convenient since it saves you from the frustration associated with the lengthy online process.

Besides, you will never run out of supply. You can be sure that you will not face any challenges whenever you want to use your favorite weed. No one will tell you that it is not available.

Since you are the person in charge of the entire growing process, you will give it your best. You decide the contents of whatever that goes into nurturing your weed to maturity.

This then translates to the ability to be in control of your health and safety. At least, no harm element will be present once inside once it is ready for use.

Try Cross-Pollination

The first step is to collect pollen from male cannabis plants. You can easily identify pollen grains on the leaves. If you do not find it on the leaves, look out for the appearance of pollen sacs. The sacs are prominently visible when the pollen is ready.

You can harvest the pollen sacs and leave them to dry for 8 to 10 days. Keep them inside a bag that is easy to seal. When they are dry enough, shaking will separate sacs from the pollen.

Transferring this pollen to the female plants can help you come up with new strains. After 40 days or so, the pollinated female plants may produce seeds ready for harvesting. You can then pick the seeds without a hassle.

Getting cheap cannabis seeds does not only require you to know where to find them. Rather, it is also essential to understand how to get these sources. The idea is to save some money even when the prices remain generally high. Doing your due diligence before you place an order online or elsewhere should always remain paramount.

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