CBD Mango Haze

CBD Mango Haze

cbd mango haze strain

CBD Mango Haze cannabis strain is a feminized Sativa-dominant strain that resulted from crossing the legendary Mango Haze with CBD Crew’s strain enriched in CBD, resulting in an 80% Sativa plant and medicinal.

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This delicious marijuana strain is one of the plants in the CBD line up that has the most satisfying flavors. CBD Mango Haze is also one of the latest releases in 2013 that has surpassed CBD limits to THC. When it comes to medical applications, this incredible weed is tremendous. Its ability to support and treat many health issues is impressive as well.

This Sativa dominant strain and can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. CBD Mango Haze also has an incredible vigor when it comes to vegetation. This weed is also known to be highly branched, has a moderate internodal distance, and grows medium-sized leaves. It responds incredibly to various types of pruning techniques that are correctly applied as well.


CBD Mango Haze strain is an 80% Sativa dominant and 20% Indica hybrid that has been selectively bred to produce high CBDs and allow medical patients access to this potent cannabinoid without being too stoned in the process. A THC: CBD ratio of between 1:1 to 1:1.2 is given by this strain, meaning that massive doses of CBD come with little to no psychoactive high. The flowers produced by CBD Mango Haze contain about 7% THC and approximately 9% CBD content. These flowers are also rich with terpene content, and these delicious buds offer the stunning flavors of spice, mango, pineapple, and pepper. The trichomes of this strain also produce cannabinoids CBN and CBG.

Consumers describe this incredible weed’s high as one that is extraordinarily mind-blowing, leaving you crazy euphoric, uplifted, and insanely cheerful. It also stimulates a functional cerebral high laced with creativity, energetic buzz, and promotes laughter and socialization, which is followed by a relaxing and soothing body mood and appetite boost. When smoking CBD Mango Haze, expect yourself to be couch-locked before slipping into a fanciful thoughtful state, where you can still be functional but absolutely painless and relaxed. However, for beginner users who are sensitive to THC, powerful strains and intense effects can cause anxiety or even paranoia at times. This is precisely why novices and casual users of this marijuana strain enjoy its weakened version. Apart from a faint high, CBD Mango Haze weed does not have any backhanded effects.

Also, this cannabis strain’s stimulant effects are sluggish due to its weak THC composition. Many experienced smokers do not see the initial rush. However, mental upliftment is evident for amateur users and those that pay attention. Moreover, the adverse effects of CBD Mango Haze include dehydration, reddish eyes, and a cottonmouth, and in large doses, it can possibly cause paranoia.

CBD Mango Haze is generally used to treat inflammatory patients, muscle spasms, seizures, multiple sclerosis, nausea, and chronic pain due to its high CBD levels and its potent effects. This strain’s pleasant high also lets consumers relieve daily stress and control depression and anxiety, and even PTSD. Since CBD is considered to be a useful anti-inflammatory element, this strain has the ability to decrease any swelling and inflammation. While CBD Mango Haze can help medical patients ease and manage psychosis, self-medication isn’t highly recommended. In this case, it is still best to speak with a healthcare professional.


CBD Mango Haze plants work well with various height and yield controlling techniques such as topping, super cropping, etc., not to mention when cultivating larger plants. Despite its characteristics of having a smaller bud formation, you can expect it to yield very well for around 450-600 grams per square meter per 600-watt lamp indoors and more than 1 kilogram when grown outdoors. To produce more massive single or multiple colas and reduce manicuring work and handling, lessen the lower branches during its early days of the flowering period.


This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors as well as for all kinds of substrates and fertilizers. Its flowering time is between 8 to 11 weeks. CBD Mango Haze grown in the Northern hemisphere with a dry, Mediterranean-like environment, on the other hand, should flower by the last week of October with an expected yield of around 17 ounces per sqm of each crop.


Similar to its scent, this CBD strain tastes like sweet, yummy mangoes. It’s mainly fruity and intense that comes with candied pineapples on the side that leaves a spicy and pungent aftertaste on the exhale, which is in contrast to its initial fruity taste.

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