CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass

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CBD Critical Mass is an Indica-dominant strain that resulted from the crossbreed between the mighty Skunk #1 x Afghani Indica strains. It is known to generate an intense euphoria, like any potent Indica. This skunky strain may have received its name from the extremely hefty, dense buds it produces.

  • Strength High
  • Stone Body stone
  • Speed 8 – 9 weeks
  • Height 300cm
  • Yield 600g/m2
  • Harvest October

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The best thing about this CBD-rich strain is its soothing and relaxing effects and chilled vibes when combined with high levels of CBD. You won’t have to worry about being in a couchlock as well. For beginner growers, this strain offers fuss-free growth while consistently delivering exceptional yields.


CBD Critical Mass provides medicinal relief along with large yields. The crossbreeding of Critical Mass and CBD parents produced a highly medicinal strain, which contains 80% of India and only 20% Sativa genetics. Plants have buds that contain about 5-10% CBD together with 5-10% THC, resulting in a ratio of about 1:1. This finely balanced cannabinoid content offers medical relief and management of symptoms along with a minor high.

This marijuana strain allows you to relax completely. This is a positive way to feel calm and relaxed without causing you to be couch-locked. It does relax not only your mind but your whole body as well. Users say that they tend to forget about negative thoughts. Instead, this strain makes them feel safe and relaxed, thanks to its floating euphoria sensation. It starts with a positive mood, leading to complete relaxation and sleepiness eventually. This is why many people decide to enjoy CBD critical mass weed immediately before bedtime. 

As CBD critical mass is uplifting and induces sleepiness, a lot of people use this strain to alleviate mood and insomnia, and if you need both mental and physical relief. It is also commonly used to reduce stress, depression, and many problems, including muscle strain. The high levels of CBD in this strain can also contribute to inflammation. 


One of the main reasons why novices often cultivate it is because it is a resilient plant. However, experienced growers appreciate their reliable yield. CBD Critical Mass plants are stable, requiring little to no maintenance for high returns. When properly grown, CBD Critical Mass produces enormous and dense buds. This may result in drooping of branches while striving to support their buds’ extremely huge sizes. Build alternative support systems to keep your branches from snapping when this happens.

CBD Critical Mass has good yields, although they produce a smaller yield than other Cannabis varieties. In growing CBD critical mass within tents or grow rooms, growers can expect an impressive yield of 500g / square meters, with plants reaching a medium height. Outdoor plants also achieve outstanding returns, growing slightly taller. These are set for harvest in October.


Just like any other strains, Critical Mass CBD crops yield the best results on outdoor growing. Nevertheless, these CBD feminized seeds can also grow indoors. Be careful when growing this plant outdoors as frost can kill your plants quite fast. Thus, make sure your crops grow in a Mediterranean-like environment.

CBD Critical Mass plants prefer it warm and not too wet; thus, make sure your plants are secure to prevent molds from developing. When you want Just like outdoor growing, in order to grow CBD Critical Mass crops indoors, you must maintain a Mediterranean-like climate as well as an optimum temperature and humidity. This plant’s flowering time is around 8 weeks.


CBD Critical Mass is a full burst of delightful and fruity taste, along with sugar, a slight hint of honey, and cookies, giving yourself a treat you won’t forget. This skunky weed provides a unique, refreshing mix of sweet, fresh citrus, and added earthiness to produce one fantastic strain.


Its skunky yet sweet aroma turns CBD Critical Mass seeds into dense plants. While this strain is calming enough, this unusual blend of fragrances produces a mixture of refreshing and delicate aromas that both stimulate, reinforce, and energize.


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