Cannabis Seed Genetics

Cannabis seeds are a huge part of the legal marijuana industry, and as a cannabis enthusiast, you want to make sure you have the right knowledge of cannabis seeds.

There are different types of Cannabis seeds available in the market today, with each having their own backgrounds and unique qualities, and each producing a uniquely different plant. Keep in mind, though, that no seeds are considered the “best” — it’s all about preference and the type of seed you want. 

There are three types of cannabis seeds: regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds. Before deciding which plant you want to grow, let’s learn more about each of them one by one: 

Different Types of Cannabis Seeds

Regular Seeds

These are the type of seeds that were around 50% male and 50% female; thus, the grower doesn’t really have much control over the sex of the plants. This also means that you will need to cut the male plants so that it won’t affect the production of the female plants. In addition, if regular seeds are grown outdoors, you will get annual plants as a result.

For seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, regular seeds are a more authentic approach. Still, if you’ve never used them, it’s best to go straight into feminized seeds because they are more straightforward and rewarding. 

Regular seeds not only require more attention and care in terms of lighting and temperature but also, time must be invested in removing male plants and cultivating the female instead.

Feminized Seeds

Unlike regular seeds, feminized cannabis seeds will always provide female plants, thus preventing male plants from growing, saving you a lot from the hassle. Produced through genetic selection over numerous crops, feminized plants do not need pollination. In addition, they create their own resinous buds with various flavors and effects, depending on whether the cultivated strains are cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, cannabis ruderalis, or a hybrid of indica-sativa. 

As you might expect, specific temperatures and lights are not necessary. These cannabis seeds are an excellent choice if you have limited space, or you simply don’t want to waste time with male plants as well. Feminized seeds are known for growing faster and producing buds with higher levels of active cannabinoids. Simply put, these Cannabis seeds are easier and more convenient to grow as they’re a hybrid — taking only the best elements available through nature.

Autoflowering Seeds

Just like feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds are much easier to grow than regular seeds because they do not require such specific light and temperature conditions and can even mature in as quickly as 10 weeks. 

Autoflowering seeds have a unique appeal that comes from their ability to automatically flower and shift from a vegetative state over time and age. Although they aren’t 100% female, these Cannabis seeds don’t require any removal of male plants, so it can still be considered a low maintenance option (Unless you still want to remove the male plants just to be on the safe side, if you wish). 

Another notable quality is that autoflowering plants are usually shorter in height and a lot older than their feminine counterparts and have existed in some form for thousands of years. Normally quite low in strength, Cannabis breeders have increased the active agents with a genetic selection, so they are now as reliable and potent as regular seeds.

Now that you learned about the different types of Cannabis seeds, have you finally decided which kind of seed fits your preferred growing style? 

Growing Cannabis plants require lots of time, patience, and energy. Hence, make sure to buy the right quality of seeds to avoid disappointment during the harvest.

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