Know This Before You Buy Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Is It Where to Buy Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Are you looking for the ideal place to buy outdoor cannabis seeds in Australia? Well, consider the fact that you have various strains at your disposal. It is essential to know every detail that surrounds the growing of outdoor cannabis- from the strains with the highest yields, to the legality of growing the seeds in the first place.

Cannabis seeds are grown in the milder regions of Australia. Moreover, the warm climate of various areas also makes it easy and quick for one to grow outdoor weed. On top of maximum yield, they get top-notch quality buds and plants.

Subsequently, buying outdoor seeds requires one to know a couple of things to get the most out of them. One primary aspect is the type of seeds-whether feminized or non-feminized. Feminized seeds are mainly grown to produce only female genetics. They are popular in many growers and collectors because they take the least steps to mature and harvest. One of their significant advantages is production of quality plants and are one of the best options when growing cannabis.

Additionally, feminized seeds come in a wide array of strains and characteristics. They also vary in aromas, TCH range and flavors. The seeds flower adequately below 12 hours of daylight every day. Subsequently, they mature ultimately between eight to ten weeks from planting. When feminized seeds are left to develop throughout their season, they produce big buds and high yields.

Sometimes outdoor cannabis seeds growers may prefer to invest in auto-flowering seeds. They are also quick and easy to grow. They grow and flower at the same time to minimize the time it takes for germination and harvesting, which is usually eight weeks.


The buying of cannabis seeds in Australia is legal. In essence, the seeds alone don’t have significant therapeutic or psychoactive qualities. The country is still strict about the possession, use and cultivation of outdoor marijuana seeds. While marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in Australia, the use of the plant for medical purposes was made legal in 2016. However, it has not authorized the utilization of recreational cannabis, as much as Australians are hoping that the law would soon become flexible.

Australia hasn’t followed other small countries suit in legalizing the use of cannabis on a national level. Recreational possession of the drug is punishable under federal law. Subsequently, Australia has a legal defence for individuals who possess marijuana illegally. Even though they may pay fines or be committed to various institutions for recovery, they are still at risk of an arrest.

It is also important to note that other different states have different policies concerning cannabis seeds. Depending on your place of residence in Australia, you may or may not be eligible to use cannabis for medical purposes. The states have also set up various measures to condone or penalize individuals who go against the restrictions.

In the Australian Capital, individuals are allowed to possess cannabis, but not more than 25 grams of seeds, or 2 plants. Anyone who is found in possession beyond the above limits would more likely suffer a fine of approximately $100. Other states such as Victoria and Tasmania work with caution for the first few times when one is caught in excess possession of marijuana.

In other news, another legislation concerning the utilization of cannabis is likely to be implemented in January. While cannabis may be legalized for recreational purposes, various restrictions would still apply. They would have to be appropriately stored away from children, and smoking near minors would call for a penalty or an arrest.

Advantages of Growing Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

While several people would prefer growing cannabis indoors, outdoors also present a conducive environment for quality and healthy growth. It can be satisfying and more rewarding with significant effort and adequate preparation. Below are the primary advantages of growing outdoor marijuana seeds;

It is Environmental-friendly

Growing cannabis seeds requires one to have enough room with adequate lighting and ventilation. Unlike indoor cannabis growing, outdoor cannabis takes up less energy to realize maximum harvest. The plants utilize every significant natural provision such as moisture, air and sunlight. In addition to no emission of carbon gases, outdoor growing also helps to balance the dynamics of the ecosystem.

More Cannabis Weed

Growing cannabis seeds outdoors would more likely produce plants with large buds and high yield, at large. Besides, they utilize carbon dioxide and sunlight to accumulate ample energy required for maximum growth. One also gets substantial harvest, as compared to indoor growing, which technically has limited space.

Outdoor Growing is Cheap

One of the primary benefits of growing cannabis outdoors is the effortless and cheap experience that one enjoys. Since the plants utilize natural resources, one doesn’t need to put in any sort of expertise to realize high yields. You only need to plant the right outdoor cannabis seeds for sale and let nature take over. The seeds would require significant attention at the beginning, but once they sprout, they typically grow on their own.


When you want to buy outdoor cannabis seeds online, many options are available. While growing cannabis outdoors has excellent potential, it gets better when one uses the most popular grains. Many do well in the natural environment, to guarantee high yields and low costs of production.

Selecting the best outdoor strains to grow outdoors also goes beyond low germination and flowering time. In essence, it is also essential to factor in plants that have an excellent aroma, and other traits, which mostly include;

• An excellent resistance to plant diseases and pests.

• Great flavor and potency

• Super `high` effect when used.

Knowing what makes good outdoor cannabis seeds would be the first step into finding the ideal choice. To get started, one would probably consider some of the most popular options. These include;

Honey Cream

Honey Cream

Honey Cream FF is one of the favorite outdoor options. While it is not popular in many countries, it is significantly appreciated for its creamy and sweet aroma. It has an incredibly short flowering period of between 6 to 7 weeks. The short span makes it one of the ideal options amidst harsh weather conditions in fall.
Honey Cream is an abundant combination of BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino Strains. The three give it a remarkably dominant gene profile and high potency. Its THC levels rise to a substantial 16%, with medium CBD. It can buy outdoor cannabis seeds online for €110 up to 25 seeds.

Critical Kush

Critical Kush

Critical Kush is mostly utilized by indoor and outdoor cannabis growers who seek to balance a short flowering time with maximum yield. Priced at €21.50 for 3 seeds, the vigorous plant flowers rapidly between 7 to 8 weeks. The rewards of growing outdoor cannabis seeds for sale successfully also result in THC levels that rise as high as 20% in the final products.

Critical Kush growers can also look forward to plants with great potency, sturdiness, high yields, and profitability at large.

Speedy Chile

Speedy Chile

Speedy Chile is the ideal combination of different genetics that contribute to its auto-flowering nature. The latter is particularly from Chile and Early Skunk genetics. Similarly, the seeds have a short flowering period of 6 weeks.

As good as it sounds €8.50 sounds for one seed, Speedy Chile requires particular critical growth conditions to grow well. It depends on specific hours of light during the day to develop various unique characteristics, such as high THC levels of approximately 16%.

The short time of growth of Speedy Chile also guarantees growers many large buds during the harvesting period. Subsequently, the bud produces sweet fruit flavors.

Fat Banana

Fat Banana

The Fat Banana strain proliferates to produce fruity flavors and a substantially `high` effect. It is excellent for growing outdoors because it requires a short flowering time of 7-8 weeks. A powerful stone effect from the plant is also as a result of the high THC levels, which go beyond 25%. Consequently, it gives one the ultimate relaxation and has a price of €9.50, €25, and €37.50 for 1, 3, and 5 seeds respectively.

Sweet Zkittlez

Sweet Zkittlez

The popular €12.50 per seed outdoor weed strain can be defined with a sumptuous flavor and fruity aroma. It is bred from Grapefruit and Grape Ape to reduce the flowering time to 7-9 weeks. Moreover, it produces a maximum yield of up to 600g/plant when the conditions for growth are highly favorable.

The effects of the 15-20% THC levels are much felt in mind to uplift one’s thoughts. The strain is also characterized by citrus, candy, and berry flavors.

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