Where to Buy Indoor Cannabis Seeds

If you want to buy the best indoor cannabis seeds, you have to learn how to do it. With the focus being particularly on indoor plants, the activity becomes pretty easy when you have important information on how to go about your quest. Since you are willing to grow them for optimal results, this article gives more insight into relevant information about indoor cannabis.

The cultivation of cannabis in Australia is primarily for supplying pharmaceutical raw materials of the drug. The chemicals are extracted carefully and scientifically in a safe and controlled environment. In light of this, female seeds are mainly cultivated because of their high yield. They are rich in cannabinoids like THC. Think of it this way- would you plant a crop only to waste almost 50% of the total yield?-Probably not. Most growers in Australia invest in planting feminized indoor cannabis seeds because they have female genetics. As such, they produce female seeds only for maximum harvest.

Several seeds for each plant are used because, similar to other crops, the possibility of every seed growing is low. Growers know the number of cannabis seeds they need based on their type and growth rate. Ideally, 93% of regular seeds germinate into a full plant. As it is not the desired 100%, cannabis growers take into account the 90% average to determine the required amount of seeds. With feminized indoor cannabis seeds, one can expect at most 99.9% of yield within a short time.

So, who is allowed to grow cannabis seeds in Australia? While there seems to be some contradictory sense in the legality of the plant, one would experience less hassle in understanding the various Federal laws surrounding it. It is pretty simple. Following the recent amendment of the 1967’s Narcotic Drug’s Act, growing cannabis has been made legal in Australia. Ever since New South Wales and Victoria states have been looking at ways in which they can cultivate the crop successfully.

New South Wales was given way forward from the Federal Government to carry out thorough research regarding cannabis. Subsequently, the state would start to grow it, particularly for medicinal purposes. The plant count and not size determine the penalties of growing it illegally. Individuals who grow it unlawfully for commercial purposes suffer higher penalties. Recently, Victoria allowed its citizens to access medicinal cannabis. The legislation was also passed to allow the best cannabis seeds for indoor growing to be manufactured and supplied across the state.

However, Tasmania has slightly different laws regarding the illegal production of cannabis. Controlled plants earn individuals around two years of imprisonment. A situation of beyond twenty plants is handled more intensely. With the law backing it as an intent to sell, the punishment is more likely to be severe.

Don’t get lost in the excitement of buying the best indoor sativa strains yet. Before you think about replacing your ordinary veggies, you should know that it is illegal to grow and consume your own cannabis. It would only be legal if the Federal Government has licensed you to cultivate it for medicinal purposes-that is, as a fully approved manufacturer. Simply put, the guidelines behind the growth of the plant are strict. There are certain demanding provisions that one has to pass before being allowed to grow cannabis. Some mandatory requirements include a zero criminal history, a conducive environment for growth, and enhanced security to prevent theft.

Moreover, authorized individuals are only allowed to cultivate particular strains. Despite the above, getting legal permission to grow the best cannabis seeds for indoor growing isn’t as easy as one might think. According to Victoria’s Minister of Agriculture, approval may lag up to four years from the application time.

You may probably be wondering why other cannabis varieties such as hemp are legal. Well, it has low THC levels that don’t produce the `high` effect when consumed. It is also utilized for industrial manufacturing of textiles and health foods, to mention a few products.

Advantages of Growing Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Now that you understand the terms of growing indoor cannabis seeds for sale, you may have questions whether you should grow it indoors or outdoors. Whichever the case, the reasons why you should grow it indoors are several. You should also know that you play a big role in determining whether your plants thrive or not. Some top advantages are listed below;

• You can grow the best indoor sativa strains at any time of the year

• Indoor growing conditions such as humidity and lighting are easily controllable

• You can check on them at any time in the day or night

• Pollination is easily controlled

• You determine the harvest time for flowers i,e, in winter or summer

One has to consider several significant factors before deciding on the ideal cannabis strain to grow indoors for beginners. For instance, you would need to pay attention to the yields, flowering times, and effects, to mention a few. While landing on the most suitable strain may be quite a hassle, your trial and error would count in the end. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the most popular indoor cannabis seeds for sale to make your quest easier;

Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies

The newly developed Royal Cookies is ordered from an indoor autoflowering cannabis seeds internet forum. It is based on Girl Scout Cookies-a strain that can be bought in dispensaries. It has extreme levels of 23% THC content. flowering time occurs between 8-9 weeks. Three seeds of the strain can be purchased at €27.


critical strain

Although the Critical strain is popular for outdoor growers, those growing it indoors can also profit from a high yield of the crop. Many at times, it exceeds 600 per square meter and 18% THC levels. What’s more, its fast germination rate produces flowers between 7-8 weeks. The price varies according to the number of seeds. One seed, for example, is sold at €9, three at €23 and five at €35.

Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla Strain

Royal Gorilla went beyond the borders of the USA to be enjoyed by the Europeans. It has an impressive 24-27% THC levels to give the utmost relaxation effect. It also has a high potency to be used to treat chronic pains among other ailments. Flowering takes about 9-10 weeks to observe brightly colored buds. The product can be ordered online and shipped at €10, €27, and €40 for one, three, and five seeds respectively.

Green Gelato


The indoor strain packs a good level of 27% THC level. Flowering takes place after 8-10 weeks. It also gives a more clear and high physical effect. The price of one seed goes for €13.50.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze Strain

The strain is a good start for anyone who has little experience in the field of growing indoor autoflowering cannabis seeds. It has 22% THC content to cause a strong euphoria effect. The plant has a 9-weeks flowering rate when cultivated indoors. One seed can be bought online at €10, three at €27, and five at €40.

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