Blue Widow

Blue Widow

blue widow strain

Blue Widow is a hybrid strain notable for its fruity qualities and borderline psychedelic highs. Having crossed between two legendary strains Blueberry and White Widow, this strain lives up to the hype it deserved. Blue Widow presents a somewhat balanced and diverse genetic profile that offers the best aspects of both cannabis subspecies. In addition, you won’t be disappointed at this weed when it comes to its flavor as it provides a wide variety of tasting experiences with bitter, diesel, sour, spicy, hash, sweet, and blueberry flavors.

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This cannabis strain takes pride in its magnificent pedigree, which creates incredibly beautiful, robust, and steady crops. While not very big, they’re remarkably short and resistant, with several branches that finish after the flowering period abundant of large buds. Moreover, some stunning purplish and bluish hues coat Blue Widow’s entire body every time the temperature decreases at nighttime throughout its flowering stage.

Moreover, this strain is suitable for novice smokers because the average THC content is between 12 to 16%. It has a quite heady high, keeping the mind flowing with thoughts and retrospection. Meanwhile, as your muscles relax and tension ease, the body will fall into a blissful state of comfort. It also enhances concentration, allowing the day’s activities to keep going even after consuming this strain. This strain is also highly recommended for relieving muscle tension and anxiety. Those who are planning to cultivate Blue Widow will be pleased by the extraordinary yield. 


Blue Widow is a feminized cannabis seed with a balanced 50% Sativa and 50% Indica hybrid. It won in the ‘Best Indica’ category (3rd prize) in Treating Yourself Expo Cannabis Cup, held in Toronto in Canada in 2013, and 1st prize in the ‘Best Outdoor’ category in Copa Cannabis in Uruguay in 2015.

Blue Widow is an excellent recreational and medical cannabis strain that is often used for cooking or making baked edibles. This strain is balanced and considered a favorite by many, thanks to its fruity presence, mixed with its cerebral yet soothing effects, enabling for a fantastic giggly afternoon surrounded with friends or good company. Blue Widow offers a mellow high, which is why many beginners prefer it – its high is subtle and will make you feel carefree and relaxed, without feeling too heavy and sleepy. If you need a giggle, Blue Widow is certain to fulfill that, as you will feel bundled in a warm and fuzzy blanket of positivity.

This strain is beneficial for medical users to treat symptoms such as pain, headache, cramps, loss of appetite, muscle pulls, and insomnia as well. Although not high in CBD, it allows chemotherapy patients to relieve nausea after treatment comfortably. If patients want some mild symptom relief while remaining alert and focused, they’re going to love this strain.

Blue Widow strain has many adverse effects, but most of them are relatively minor – thanks to its gentle nature. Adverse reactions include dry mouth, dry and itchy eyes, dehydration, slight anxiety, and a mild headache. In certain circumstances, this strain can also make you feel slightly paranoid, but this typically happens when you have consumed a lot more than you should.


Blue Widow plant yields generous, high-quality, compact, and bulky crops, wholly coated with a typical thick resin layer. Indoors yields could increase up to 525 g per square meter, while you can harvest up to 1100 g per plant when grown outdoors.


When grown indoors, Blue Widow’s flowering time is usually around 50 to 55 days. When grown outdoors, expect that it is ready to harvest around the early to mid-October. These plants can double in size during the flowering period, so take height restrictions into account.


Blue Widow has a very unique taste, which explains its popularity when it comes to creating edibles. It has a distinctive tree-fruit-like flavor, and earthy citrus presence, but thanks to its parent strains, it is its strong blueberry taste that really embodies what this hybrid strain can offer you.


White Widow

60% Indica 40% Sativa hybrid


Blueberry (fem)

80% Indica 20% Sativa hybrid



80% Indica 20% Sativa hybrid