Blue Dream

Blue Dream

blue dream strain

Blue Dream is incredibly popular among California’s top cannabis strains known for its effects, potency, and medical benefits. She offers the best of both worlds, with 50% of it coming from its potent Indica Blueberry parent, while the other 50% from the extremely popular Super Silver Haze.

  • Strength 15-18%
  • Stone Buzz
  • Speed 10-12 weeks
  • Height 180 cm
  • Yield 400-500 g/m²
  • Harvest October

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Both novice and seasoned smokers enjoy this unique strain because of its full-body relaxation with soothing cerebral invigoration that leaves you completely motivated, creative, and focused. However, too much consumption of this strain might lead to adverse effects such as dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. Moreover, it is highly recommended to enjoy Blue Dream for no later than two hours before going to bed.


Blue Dream strain, also known as Azure Haze, is a sativa dominant hybrid produced by crossing two well-known potent strains – Super Silver Haze (50%) and Blueberry indica (50%). This spectacular bud will give you an excellent high — thanks to its THC levels of 17-18%. It is also famous for its effects, potency, and medical benefits.

Smokers of this weed will notice that its effects kick off immediately. They’ll feel a cerebral rush and a tingling sensation in their cheeks and eyes that turn into a mild mental stimulation. Blue Dream strain’s indica component offers deep, soothing relaxation with an extraordinary sense of warmth and uplifting mood that follows.

Since this is not an ordinary strain, novice and experienced users who attempt to try this cannabis strain say that Blue Dream is a functional weed as they remained active, calm, motivated, and their thoughts became more well-rounded than usual after consuming it. Smokers notice that this strain helps them become productive and efficient throughout the day, as well.

Blue Dream cannabis makes a great strain for both daytime and evening use. Also, this bud’s indica effects and THC components won’t make you couch lock or give you heavy sedation when consumed in moderation, which makes this strain highly recommended for new users and medical cannabis patients.

This California favorite strain has a lot of therapeutic benefits, too. Most medical cannabis users opt for Blue Dream to treat insomnia and quickly overcome stress and depression. It can also be used to relieve headaches, chronic fatigue, menstrual cramps, and pain. However, the use of this strain is not recommended for medical cannabis patients who suffer from anxiety disorders as it appears to get ahead of you fast and will most likely agitate current conditions.


Blue Dream buds are perfect for both personal and commercial growers as this crop offers bountiful heavy yields. This infamous bud is known for its consistency in harvest size and should yield up to 21 oz plant (or 600g per m2) when grown indoors, and an even larger yield for outdoor growing.


Although Blue Dream crops can grow well in both indoor and outdoor settings, most seasoned cannabis growers report that Blue Dream seeds are easier and is mostly recommended to grow in an indoor setting. And while attentiveness is sometimes needed, this is a relatively easy crop to cultivate. 

Blue Dream buds are best achieved through hydroponics or soil setup. Because of its sativa genetics, these crops grow big up to 2 meters in height, primarily if grown outdoors. Hence, indoor growers should maintain the crop’s size and height through pruning. Also, thanks to its genetics, Blue Dream plants are exceptionally resilient to molds. The flowering period for indoor growth is approximately 9-10 weeks.

Growing outdoors is another viable option for growers living with the appropriate environment and privacy. Blue Dream not only requires a warmer Mediterranean or subtropical climate in order to survive, but signs of red spider mite infestation must also be monitored as well. The harvest period for outdoor growth will be in October.


Blue Dream strain produces a very pungent aroma of floral berry, with sweet notes and subtle pine hints from the Haze.


Blue Dream has a pretty enticing taste. Just like its scent, This strain boasts its sweet and fruity taste of floral berry with some satisfying earthy notes of spice, hash and skunk as well. 


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