Best Sativa Strains

Are you tired of searching for the best Sativa strains only to be disappointed by sativa seeds and their suppliers? Don’t worry, we are here to help!

Finding the best Sativa seeds that come from THC high Sativa strains is no easy task as there are many imitators online that promise one thing, but don’t deliver. Don’t waste your time or money with any company that cannot back up their words with positive sales and reviews.

Below are some of the most potent high sativa strains available for purchase in 2020.

1. Sour Diesel

sour diesel strain

General Strain Info

Extremely popular on the NYC Hip-Hop scene in the mid 2010’s, Sour Diesel is still a very popular strain among many age-groups. The pungent “fuel-like” smell given off by the flowers induce a relaxing head high when used. After initial use, there tends to be a lingering flavor that is followed by a rush of a heady, enjoyable buzzed high.

Exact origins may not be known, but this strain has rumored ties to Chemdawg, Diesel, Northern Lights, and Skunk. Sour Diesel is a Sativa Strain with round buds that can appear to be a greenish-yellow color. Red hairs protrude from these resinous buds as this is a very sticky densely packed bud.


New to Sour Diesel? Then you must first understand that this is one of the strongest smelling strains available. The aroma has the ability to fill an entire apartment complex, so use responsibly.

With that being said, there should be care taken when used around or near individuals who may disagree with your choice of fragrance. If you are in a dwelling with sensitive individuals or pets, this particular odor could kick out those who find cannabis unwelcoming.

If you feel or have been diagnosed with forms of depression, then this strain is great for coping with some symptoms as Sour Diesel is a cerebral activator. The downs become more manageable as an invigorating effect is immediately felt by the user after a momentary “waiting period”.

Having trouble with your appetite? Sour Diesel strains can help increase your appetite in a natural, non-habit forming way. Late day meals will be more filling as your body adjusts and your appetite starts to return. Don’t forget to keep that metabolism up, as Sour Diesel is one strain that is known to give users a severe case of the munchies.

For pain and other discomforts, the physical relaxation is euphoric, leaving you feeling pain-free. Some report that they even feel more creative and a bit chatty with heavy usage.


The three main effects that users get are Creative, CottonMouth, and Focus.

THC Content

Sour Diesel has a THC content of between 20% and 25%.

2. Jamaican Dream

Jamaican Dream Strain

General Strain Info

This strain in particular has many uses in the medical field for cannabis patients. One of the most intense strains cerebrally, there are sometimes warnings made due to the potency of Jamaican Dream.

Bred from the Jamaican highlands, this giddy Sativa is one that is exceptional versus its rivals. A top contender, and prize winner in many European competitions, this cannabis strain is sure to catch your eye with its large nugget-like flowers.


The medicinal properties of this particular strain give Jamaican Dream the edge when it comes to helping those with ADHD. These properties give the ability to focus more on single tasks and “quiets” the mind in a sense.

Migraine relief is another way that Jamaican Dream helps its users maintain a level of wellness that is hard to find in many other strains. The levels of THC keep you vibed out with a true relaxing effect that is needed in many cases. While this may be one of the most potent strains, it is also one of the most useful medically.

Irritations like nausea can be eliminated in some cases due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Take some before bed if you have ill stomach syndrome.


The five main effects that users get are Energetic, Relaxed, Euphoric, Creative, and Focused

THC Content

Jamaican Dream has a THC content of between 15% and 21%

3. Gorilla Glue


General Strain Info

Delving into the strain that is known to many simply as “Glue”, we will attempt to decipher what makes Gorilla Glue such a popular strain in the year 2020. While there are many potent batches of cannabis available commercially, Gorilla Glue continues to dominate the charts with its unmatched sedation-like high.

During the summer of 2016, GG Strains created this masterpiece by reaching 50/50 euphoria with the hybridization of this strain. Chem’s Sister, in addition to Chocolate Diesel, creates this spectacular blend of punch that is pungent, yet thorough.

While the earthy flavors will attract you, the coffee and hints of goodness, will take you on a ride that many are honestly unable to handle. There are some strains that should be left for seasoned users or those in need of serious elevation. This is one of them.


The general consensus for use of the strain Gorilla Glue is, not to use it when you have business or anything of great importance to take care of. This is not to be taken lightly, as the sedating effects of these crisp, deep green buds will take you to a state of relaxation unheard of in the cannabis community until now.

Vegetative Stage2

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If you struggle in any way with adverse health issues such as depression, and even some cases of insomnia Gorilla Glue can be essential to your treatment.

The calming effects are great for those in need of a mental break. When you use this strain, your mind will be left on its own, and your body will be its own separate entity.


The five main effects of Gorilla Glue are Euphoric, Sedated, Sleepy, Dizzy, and Heady

THC Content

Gorilla Glue has a THC content of between 13% and 35%

4. Purple Haze

purple haze strain

General Strain Info

Gaining popularity during the age of Jimi Hendrix, Purple Haze even found its way onto the chart-topping song. A cultural movement in a way, this strain has a potent flower that shows vivid trichome thick buds that have hues of purple throughout.

Not one for the amateur or unaware consumer, Purple Haze is one of the original Columbian seeds from the Haze Brothers. This is in reference to information from Royal Queen Seeds, with Purple Haze being recognized as one of the most popular of these strains.

Many hybrids and crosses followed over the years with Purple Haze acting as a crown on the head of king buds. Not only has it reached global status as an original strain, but many also recognize it culturally and celebrate it sacredly, even in 2020.


As you will read in the “Effects” section, this strain gives you a sense of Energy, Uplifting Mood, and Arousal. These are not the same results for everyone, so don’t think that you will be in line for some #FCFVA action on the game later.

Try to use this in intimate situations, or times when outside stimuli are at their most intense. A day at work using Purple Haze is NOT advised. Ever.

While you may find that the aroma is very inviting, many people still think that the best time is early in the day for ingestion of this strain. There are many ways to achieve the peak vibes that Purple Haze brings to the table. Don’t let your mind limit yourself to just one, be creative!


The three main effects of Purple Haze are Arousal, Uplifting, and Energetic

THC Content

Purple Haze has a THC content of between 13% and 26%

5. Green Crack


General Strain Info

This resinous strain is one that grows small and with very densely clustered buds. Green Crack is rumored to be a cross between Afghani Landrace, Skunk #1, and Super Sativa Seed Club.

Renamed Green Crack by Snoop Dogg, Rapper and Cannabis Connoisseur, Green Crack is known for its potent effects.

Winning 3rd place in 2015’s High Times Cannabis Cup was a plus in terms of the strains’ popularity. Green Crack continues to dominate the charts in 2020 as well, as it has only grown in use.


This is not a bedtime strain, as the stimulating effects will have your mind going throughout the night. Known as a wake-and-bake, Green Crack is primarily used as a cerebral dominant healing application.

The spicy and sweet aromas will give you an uplifting vibe that is sure to carry on through the entire day. The compacted bud structure will always make this strain stand out to the naked eye.


The main effect is a “Heady” high that is followed by bouts of creativity

THC Content

Green Crack has a THC content of between 13% and 25%

Closing Thoughts

When looking for the best seeds, don’t get ripped off by some flashy online promotion. Credibility is key when looking for real, reputable seeds from suppliers that understand the needs of consumers just like you.

Don’t let these fast-talking competitors sway you from what you intended to do in the first place, which was to purchase high-quality seeds and get real info on these amazing plants.

Take it from a company with over five years experience in helping folks just like you gain the knowledge necessary to take care of your seed needs.

The top five sativa list is one in which we discuss the many different benefits of each particular strain of cannabis. Whether your needs be medicinal, or other, you will be thrilled to know that each strain has the potential to affect you differently.

Understanding this along with the various applications for each strain will allow you to make the right choice for your needs. 

Best Sativa Strains FAQ

Is Sativa A downer?

Sativas are uplifting and cerebral, enhancing creativity and productivity.

Is There a Difference Between Sativa and Indica?

According to scientists, There is no difference between the effects of Indica and Sativa marijuana strains.

Will Sativa Keep Me Awake?

Many people will use Sativa during the day as it can keep you awake. Smoking Sativa will be an energizing and creative experience.

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