BC Big Bud

BC Big Bud

bc big bud strain

BC Big Bud is a 65% sativa-dominant hybrid and a cousin to Big Bud — an 85% Indica-dominant strain from Amsterdam. Produced from British Columbia, BC Big Bud is well-known for its fruity, citrus scent, and potent cerebral effects that provide a harmonious blend of sativa and indica sensations.

  • Strength Medium: 16%
  • Stone Euphoric
  • Speed 8-9 weeks
  • Height Average/span>
  • Yield 29 ounces
  • Harvest 8-9 weeks

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BC Big Bud’s resin production is superior, creating crystal gems of the buds, and carpeting the leaves with dewdrops. This British Columbian bud is famous for both beginner and commercial growers because, as the name suggests, BC Big Bud crops yield huge harvests that can be expected after an 8 to 9-week flowering period. This variety can be cultivated indoors or outdoors, but due to its massive solid buds, extra care must be taken to avoid overmoisture as it may stimulate mold. This cannabis strain is excellent for both daytime and evening time use. However, novice smokers should be mindful of their consumption dose to avoid hyperactivity. Most medical cannabis users opt for this strain to relieve nausea and pain as well.


BC Big Bud is a 65% Sativa dominant and 35% Indica hybrid with a THC range of 12-16% on average. This strain’s effects are relatively swift and begin shortly after consumption with heavy pressure around your eyes and forehead, and salivation increases that come with a rise in cerebral thinking patterns. Smokers, in particular, may either start thinking or talking about ideas or topics that would otherwise not fascinate them or turn from one subject to another. This way of thinking can work, whether complicated or easier, and mundane, such as washing the dishes.

Meanwhile, the combination of physical and mental relaxation of this weed can be a perfect way for users to enjoy behaviors involving both coordination of mind and body, such as gambling, work out, and sex.

This strain’s high but soothing energy can also help boost lively social situations and inspire free, simple, and happy conversation among your friends. This strain’s flexibility makes it ideal for fun and enjoyment all day; even though consumers should prevent it before bedtime, the onset of sativa is likely to keep them awake.

BC Big Bud also has several different medical uses. It can help patients with attention deficit disorders, allowing them to focus on one task, overcome stress and fatigue, increase appetite, alleviate pain and discomfort due to injuries, headaches, and indigestion, as well as chronic conditions (e.g., lupus).

Like many other strains, this cannabis strain is no different as it also has its side effects such as dry throat, droopy red eyes, dizziness, or a feeling of paranoia and an increase in anxiety level. It is, therefore, best for consumers to use this strain moderately.


BC Big Bud plants feature insanely high yields and are easy to cultivate and nearly overflows with large, chunky flowers. In fact, the branches of this productive crop often have to be supported due to its flowers’ weight and size. Cannabis growers can expect yields up to 31 ounces per square meter for indoor growing, while each plant can yield up to 29 ounces of buds or more for outdoor growing. Also, since BC Big Bud is Sativa-dominant, it is ideal for the daytime or afternoon.


BC Big Bud crops grow quite fast. For growing indoors, this British Columbian plant has a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. Growers can use either soil or hydroponics as a medium. Using the Sea of Green technique is vital as well as trimming and pruning to encourage more yields is also something that growers need to do. On the other hand, when growing outdoors, cultivators can expect the flowering period to fall in the first week of October.


BC Big Bud has a musky, pungent smell of skunk. A more dank, earthy scent is present beneath, reminiscent of wet soil. Grinding up these huge nuggets gives a warm, spicy fragrance that is possibly passed on from the Afghani strain. BC Big Bud also gives off a sharp and acrid smoke that stings the palate and makes the eyes water when burnt. This smoke, however, has a sweet and piney taste on the exhale.


While BC Big Bud’s aroma is straightforward, its flavor is anything but ordinary. A very faint skunky note can hardly be detected in this strain. However, the fruity orange taste is more evident. A smooth, long-lasting aftertaste further improves its already delectable smoke.


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