Afghani 1 Strain


Afghani, also known as Afghani 1 or Afghan Kush, is a potent Indica strain named after its geographic roots, where the early varieties of cannabis are believed to have evolved. With a pungent, earthy fragrance, and sweet taste, this beauty offers deep, sedative relaxation with intense euphoria and uplifting mood.

  • Strength High
  • Stone Body stone
  • Speed Autoflower
  • Height 50cm-60cm
  • Yield 400g/m22
  • Harvest 65-75 days

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This strain is a classic for a reason – its massive resin production has made it a popular choice for the manufacture of hash. Nonetheless, you don’t need a refined concentrate to appreciate the results. Afghani seeds is also the epitome of an indica in several ways. Appearance-wise, much like other strains, Afghani weed is short and bushy. It has big and long water leaves that are dark green and wide.

The buds themselves are thick and tightly packed, ranging from light to dark green, with a slight, brassy orange hair that coils, a thick coating of trichomes, and a bend between the frosty sugar leaves. The nugs are a little blunt at the edges, packing in a lot of flavors as well. This Indica exhibits the classic cannabis look that would be expected from such a ground-breeding strain that has influenced the genetics of countless other strains. With a pungent, earthy fragrance, and sweet taste, this beauty offers deep, sedative relaxation with intense euphoria and uplifting mood.


Afghani is an extremely potent indica dominant strain with up to 15-25% THC content — amateurs need to be cautious of their usage and intake levels because it might be too much for them to handle. And as it is a pure indica, its recreational users can expect an intense body high and general pervasive relaxation that uplifts mood and make you feel giggly. This strain is perfect for stimulating the appetite as well, making it a suitable strain for those looking to increase their appetite. Plan for nighttime consumption, either alone or with good friends, as Afghani tends towards extreme couchlock and sleepiness. This is ideal for those who are having trouble sleeping because you’ll surely find yourself dosing off in 30 minutes. Many users who were able to try this strain are profoundly pleased with the experience.

This cannabis strain is also widely known for its therapeutic uses. Besides its sleep-aid and appetite-stimulating abilities, most medical patients use Afghani to overcome stress and anxiety and relieve muscle tension, migraine, and body pain.


This classic strain is incredible for both beginner and expert growers. For one, its fertilizer requirements are low. You can also expect Afghani crops to be notably uniform, despite being grown from seed.

The flowering period for this cannabis strain is about 7 to 8 weeks, which is very short, with an average indoor yield of about 16 ounces per square meter of crops, and an outdoor yield proving more bountiful of about 21 ounces per plant.


The Afghani plants are suited for both indoor and outdoor growing. And because this crop grows only 2 to 4 feet high once fully developed, most growers can have fun observing their crop’s growth indoors conveniently. The flowering period normally begins around week 8, with a full harvest possible at the 4-month mark, making it relatively easy to place anywhere, particularly in any corner or small space.

Even growers without the right room and proper space for a marijuana-growing operation can manage to plant these crops – for personal use, at least. 

Afghani strain does not find it difficult to maintain your privacy – the short stature helps keep the activity discreet when grown outside, especially for your neighbors who are not into marijuana.

To get a bounty yield when growing Afghani outdoors, a warm, Mediterranean climate is necessary. Growers can expect the harvest falling between the end of September and the beginning of October, shortly before the autumn chill starts. Afghani is naturally mold-resistant, making it the best alternative for cultivators who do not prefer growing high maintenance plants. While the strain is native to Central Asia’s mountainous climate, this fantastic weed can be grown outside with the same latitudes. Look for thick, cone-shaped colas as the crops mature.

Moreover, Afghani is an incredible hash-producing strain. Therefore, its buds are expected to be covered with dense, sticky resin. Also, you’ll need to have sharp scissors as well as some coconut oil and alcohol with you if you plan to trim the buds, to prevent hash build-up on your hands and tools.


The pungent aroma of Afghani is distinctly in contrast to the sweet floral and fruit-like scent of modern marijuana varieties. This indica strain smells very hash-like, intense, earthy sometimes
very mushy and spicy, often filled with carbon filters.


The taste of this Cannabis strain is full-flavored, woody, and recollective of the black hash, mostly derived from the flowers. Although some smokers may find the Afghani weed too unrelenting, it won’t hurt giving it a try. Think of it like coffee, and you’re going to fall for it.


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